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Foliar feeding, when used as a supplement to your regular plant feeding program, will provide you with very impressive results. Radioisotope testing has shown that all plant surfaces absorb foliar spray, making foliar feeding 8-10 times more effective than root feeding alone.

When the correct foliar spray plant food is applied properly the result is a feedback loop. Foliar feeding increases the rate of photosynthesis which in turn increases water and nutrient uptake by the plant’s vascular system.

A fine mist is all that is required. It is most desirable to apply the foliar spray in the morning to ensure absorption over evaporation. A humid growth environment with a temperature below 80°F (27°C) is ideal as the plant’s main nutrient canals, the stomata, remain open at lower temperatures.

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  1. Use as a supplement to your regular feeding program. For slower growing plant varieties, apply 1-2 times per week. Use 1-2 times per day with faster growing plants.
  2. Hold sprayer 6-10 IN (15-25 cm) from plant. Spray a fine mist on all plant surfaces. Do not spray to the point of runoff.

Instant Jungle® may be used in other ways. Use it to saturate seed for germination. Spray stock plants before taking cuttings to keep them moist during the transition to the growth medium.


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