PRO LIGHT 4 T5 HO KIT 4 LAMP 3" H X 14.5" W X 4' L

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Pro Light T5 HO Kit offers an extremely efficient and low heat horticultural light, using T5 HO (High Output) lighting. The reduced heat of the Pro Light means that its' fixture can hang just inches from the plant canopy, without scorching leaves, unlike metal halide lighting which must hang several feet above. The result is more light reaching more areas of the plant, which means fuller growth at lower wattage.

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The Pro Light also features a wide dispersion side-slotted reflector, designed for efficient cooling and to cover a larger growing area than other fluorescent fixtures. It runs with a solid state electronic ballast, ensuring quiet and cool operation. It includes the Pro Light T5 HO Grow Bulbs, and is ready for set-up. A bout T5 HO Technology used in the Pro Light T5 HO Kit: - Higher light output per unit of electric power (Compared with HID systems, at an operating temperature of 25(C), T5 HO fluorescent systems produce about 30 percent more light per unit of electrical energy.

At 35(C), the light output of a T5 HO (linear) improves by about 10 percent.). - Longer lamp life (The rated lamp life of T5 HO (linear) fluorescent lamps is equal to that of 400 W metal halide lamps (20 000 hours) and about 30 percent longer than that of 250 W metal halide lamps.) The Pro Light includes built-in ballast, hanging hardware, a 12 FT grounded power cord and a two-year rebuild or replace warranty.

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