LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive MOTOR ONLY

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LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Kit comes complete with a variable speed Motor and a two-piece 2 meter (6’6”) Rail, installation hardware and instruction. LightRail 4.0 indoor grow systems can also be purchased as the Motor only with installation hardware and instructions – perfect for anyone who already has a Rail or who wants to purchase their Rail separately. With both a 0 to 60 second adjustable time delay for promoting even indoor plant growth from end to end plus the added feature of two to four feet per minute adjustable speed control that covers a wide range of grow lamp intensities and travel distances, LightRail 4.0 is great for customers who want that additional control. LightRail 4.0 will move any grow light/ any hood, multiple sizes and weights and is a scalable system where up to three grow lights can move in-line with the use of one Motor. LightRail is perfect for any indoor grow systems, greenhouse lighting, dedicated all season greenhouse grow lights, tent grower set ups and commercial grow facilities.

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What we know… Stationary indoor grow lighting only shines light on the specific areas of leaves that are directly beneath it, which can cause limited growth and even damage to the plant similar to sunburn. LightRail Light Mover solves this problem by moving over the tops of plants, so that the leaves of the plant get light at different angles. This activates photosynthesis on parts of the plant that would not normally receive much light with a stationary grow light system. Stationary grow lights cannot diversify themselves in order to allow your plant to absorb it at the optimum levels and light energy can be lost. LightRail helps distribute the proper level and concentration of light on the leaves for 40% of the photoperiod. This allows the plant to reach optimum Leaf Area Index, the most important factor in increasing yield. Also, by moving your grow light, you can now safely get your indoor growing equipment and lights closer to your plants for a more efficient use of the wattage available. LightRail is the single best way to maximize your indoor grower equipment and light set up. Solidly made in the USA since 1986, LightRail 4.0 is the indoor gardeners light mover of choice throughout the wordwide indoor gardening community with an instrument grade drive motor that runs on only 9 watts, digital control circuitry, heavy duty ball bearing carrier wheels and a self-clutch drive design with automatic traction control. Manufactured by Gualala Robotics, LightRail has all the electrical certifications (C CSA US or CE) and flammability ratings (UL 5 VB) and is RoHS compliant. LightRail has a two year manufacturer warranty, runs at a safe 28-42 degrees C with a flame retardant electrical enclosure, as it should be, while imitator grow light movers run as hot as 107 C (170 F) and their electrical enclosures are likely made of flammable plastic. Without quality, there is no value and if it does not say Gualala Robotics, it is not a LightRail.

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