Aqua Shield

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Aqua Shield 20L / 5 GAL
Aqua Shield 1L / 1 QT
Aqua Shield 4L / 1 GAL
Aqua Shield 10L / 2.5 GAL

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AquaShield Compost Solution is a liquid compost solution for use in Hydroponic Systems and Soil Gardens. AquaShield helps balance your soil, stimulate microbes, and promotes rooting with increased root biomass and length.

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AquaShield™ Water Treatment Solution is useful throughout a plants life cycle in soil gardens, and hydrogardens utilizing aeroponics, deep water culture, ebb and flow, and top water drip. Use AquaShield™ to create a natural and beneficial growing environment. AquaShield™ will assist in strengthening your clones root masses and offers the best chance of survival when transplanting. AquaShield™ also benefits mature plants by maintaining a healthy root zone for optimum plant performance.

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