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Humega is a leonardite ore soil booster, manufactured using our unique patented process. We use weathered lignite mined from scientifically selected sites in various locations around the world. These ancient plant deposits, formed during the Jurassic age, are cold processed to preserve their unique humic and fulvic acids, enzymes, natural growth hormones, beneficial microbes and trace minerals.

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Humega is a biologically enhanced product that may increase the availability of micronutrients and buffer salts. Grow media that has been inoculated with Humegae contains a large population of beneficial microorganisms which protect plant root systems from a variety of soil pathogens. The microorganisms process organic matter, and release nutrients to plant roots. Microorganisms are essential to the process of releasing bound elemental compounds.

Humega promotes soil and soilless substrate aeration and water penetration. Certain enzymes have been added to Humega, to help increase the rate of nutrient absorption and reduce nitrogen through the soil profile. Nutrients are stabilized in the Rhizosphere where they remain available over a longer period of time.

Humega is a liquid humus - a combination of natural, organic plant acids, including humic acid, in enzymatic microbial solution.

In addition to being a soil conditioner with humic acid and enzymes, Humega also contains active microbial inoculants that enhance the populations of beneficial soil microorganisms.

Humega contains humic substances that enhance the rate of photosynthesis in plants. Carbon and humus build the soil profile, and balance soilless substrates by neutralizing pH and increasing the cation exchange capacity (CEC). Mixing Humega with other fertilizers increases their absorption rate by attaching them to carbon molecules which then helps increase their absorption rate.

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