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  1. Liquid Gold

    Liquid Gold

    Starting at: $39.74

    LIQUID GOLD will increase the cell metabolic rate which translates into better growth. Learn More
  2. Liquid Black Crystal

    Liquid Black Crystal

    Starting at: $19.40

    LIQUID BLACK CRYSTAL improves the plants ability to absorb nutirents and thus the plants grow better. Learn More
  3. Blossom Blood

    Blossom Blood

    Starting at: $11.16

    BLOSSOM BLOODSELECTIVE pH CONTROL WATER TREATMENTBlossom Blood has earned the reputation as a premium floral product. The addition of Blossom Blood to a nutrient reservoir during the flowering stage of a plant will promote fuller buds and flowers utilizing selective pH control. Learn More
  4. Veg Booster

    Veg Booster

    Starting at: $10.00

    VegBosster enables seedlings to better expand branches for fuller growth in the later flower stages. This products helps slow growing plants with inches a day of growth at 1/4 strength. Learn More
  5. Green Up

    Green Up

    Starting at: $5.66

    Use Green Up to reduce yellowing in clones or in any plant stage of growth. Learn More
  6. Potassium Silicate

    Potassium Silicate

    Starting at: $37.42

    Potassium Silicate protects plants from diseases and can be used as ph up. Learn More

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